This is an outdated list that covers my work up to 2016

Android platform

Since 2010 I’ve been working with Android. When I was employed by Eldorado Research Institute, I worked as a contractor for Motorola Mobility (before Google buying it), having worked on low cost phones such as Motorola Spice, high end phones like Motorola Atrix and on the first Android tablet with Honeycomb (Android 3.0), Motorola XOOM.

Low level libraries

After leaving Motorola project, still at Eldorado Institute, I worked for a university that deployed tablets for its students running a custom version of Android developed at the institute. I was on the team that developed the DRM library used by them.

Apps I developed or had some reasonable participation:

Later, I moved to app development. I developed apps either as side project or at my employers.

Here’s the list:

  • Bate-papo UOL
    A chat app for UOL, one of the largest Brazilian portal.

  • UOL Copa
    App developed for the World Cup in Brazil (also for UOL)

  • 99motos (no longer available)
    99motos is a courier calling app, like an Uber for courier. I was one of the developers of the first version. The current version on market has a very different interface, though (after the company was acquired).

  • Swipes
    Developed first Android version of Swipes, a To Do list app focused on quick management of tasks and ease of use.

  • Vivo Receitas da Dona Benta (no longer available)
    Vivo Saudável com Dr. Drauzio (no longer available)
    Vivo Sucesso com Max Gehringer
    Apps developed in partnership with Vivo, the largest carrier in Brazil, for content delivery based on some topics (recipes with the most famous recipe book in Brazil, health tips with one of the most well known physicians, and career tips, respectively).

  • Vivo +apps
    App selection and recommendation from friends.

  • Amei, Amiga (no longer available)
    Beauty app with mobile commerce.

  • Meu show (no longer available)
    Music contest via mobile app.