GDG Talks #1

Posted by Douglas Drumond on March 16, 2015 · 2 mins read

Usually every month we have an informal meeting at GDG Campinas, where we gather and discuss whatever comes to mind (most of the time it’s Android, the preferred topic for most of the attendees), but this month we decided to do something different.

Organized by Karuan Bertoluci, this month meeting was a series of three talks hosted at Ci&T, which provided the venue and some beverage and food.

After Karuan opened the event, I gave the first talk on Android Wear. You can watch it on YouTube and download the slides from Speaker Deck.

Differently from my previous talk, I decided to something more technical and dive into code. In the end, I tried to do some demo, but, as a lot of demos, I had some problems pairing my phone with the emulator under Ci&T WiFi network and I had to cut the demo to watch-only apps.

Following my talk, Thales Lima, from Ci&T, talked about mobile backend development with Google Cloud. He discussed several aspects of Google Cloud Platform. I’d like to point out his Firebase demo, that was great.

Finaly, for the last talk, Caio Occhini, from Google, talked about monetization options for mobile apps. He explained AdMob and other forms of monetization, like In-app Billing, and also covered Google Analytics to show how developers can watch for metrics to better increase conversion (leading to more money).

It was a nice event, the room was packed and, despite the time, most of the people stayed until the end. Due to its acceptance, I’m looking forward to do more events like that for bringing Campinas developer community together.

Note: all talks in Portuguese.