About this blog

When I was a Math student, every day at 3pm my friends and I used to sit at the coffee room in Unicamp Math Institute (IMECC, in Portuguese it means Institute for Math, Statistics and Scientific Computation) to drink coffee, discuss Mathematics and whatever came to mind. Usually the topic was related to Linear Algebra, sometimes to Higher Algebra, Analysis and, depending on who was there, Computer Science.

After I changed major to Computer Science, I continued to wander through IMECC and kept going to the coffee room to discuss Mathematics and Computer Science. Then, in 2010, I and Daniel Cariello decided to create a blog dedicated to those moments and called it Café Linear, a pun with Café (coffee) and Álgebra Linear (Linear Algebra).

After a while, interest faded out and the blog went dormant. Hosting costs were higher back then, we were students, so we decided to stop blogging. I kept the domain, though.

I’m a domain addict, I own several domains because I couldn’t settle for a name I liked, even if it was my own name (I own douglasdrumond.com, but I let douglasdrumond.com.br slip, which is a pity, since I’m Brazilian). But I always liked Café Linear and, although it was originally in Portuguese, it can be used in English, like if it was a name for a coffee shop. And I love coffee.

So, time to blog again and here I’ll put all my thoughts related to programming and app development, mostly Android, sometimes Mac (because of MacVim), and, probably rarely, Math.

About me

I’m married to an amazing wife who’s always supporting me in whatever I do.

I love coffee, photography and motorcycles.

I’m a tech lead at Pipefy. I used to work for company from different sizes and fields, from 3-person startups to big companies like IBM, from consulting agencies to companies with their own product. What I really like is the startup life, and that’s why I joined Pipefy and enjoy my job.

I graduated in Computer Science, but I have a secret love for Applied Mathematics (I almost majored in Applied Mathematics, finishing 85% of the course) and how to use both to solve problems. Due to that, I had a small gap in my mobile career when I opened a startup on Business Intelligence, called Y-Max (from Yield Maximization), before returning to Android.

I’m the founder of Google Developer Group Campinas, and used to organize events, meetups, etc. But I left it to much more capable people and they’re doing an amazing job there. I’m one of the admins of the largest online Android community in Brazil, Android Dev BR.

Disclaimer: Views expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my current or past employers, or anyone else, except when noted.