Software development

I used to be a full time developer, but now I manage the mobile efforts at Pixeon and code on my spare time. I worked at Eldorado Research Institute both as an Android app developer and on low-level stuff (Android platform, modem, C, C++, NDK and things like that). I honed my skills at Movile, Mokriya and 99. I graduated in Computer Science, but I have a secret love for Applied Mathematics (I'm 85% major in Applied Math) and how to use both to solve problems.

I'm the founder of Google Developer Group Campinas, and I was the maintainer of MacVim.


Half-mathematician, half-computer scientist, using photography to blend with humans and be less robot.

That's my motto on photography. It brings a human side to me and keeps me down to earth.

My first camera was a Nikon D3200, which was a glorified point & shoot, until a friend of mine showed me how to see. Then I was addicted to photography, got a little G.A.S., and I'm always with a camera.

Later I discovered analog photography, thanks to another friend who gave me part of a darkroom lab and pointed me to a darkroom teacher who also became my friend and taught me the way with the silver halide and the chemicals.

I moved backwards, from digital to analog. Today, I'm kind of an old-school photographer. When I'm out with an analog-all-manual camera, it's my Zen time, when I live totally in the moment, clear mind, and forget about my problems. 無心

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