Talk goals

Posted by Douglas Drumond on November 30, 2015 · 1 min read

I love developer communities. I’m an introvert and in developer communities I can find my place. I also love to teach, specially when people are interested in learning. That’s why I present whenever possible (7 talks in 2015, 2 aren’t listed yet). But I want to increase that, not just in volume, but also quality. I’m a huge fan of metrics (I work for Movile and we’re totally data driven) and I had already established some goals for myself for 2016. Now, encouraged by Chiu-Ki and Kate from Technically Speaking, I want to share them:

  • Give at least 10 talks
  • At least 2 of them outside São Paulo State
  • At least 1 of them outside southeast region
  • As a super goal, give one international talk.

It’s not impossible, but it’s a little bit hard to achieve and these talks need to be high quality talks (of course). Thinking it’s a little bit less than one talk a month, it sounds feasible, but a lot of events tend to occur in the same month or near each other, which means several months free and some months with 3 or 4 talks.

I have other goals for doing more for the community, but I’ll talk about them later, when I have more solid plans.