Movile Meetup

Posted by Douglas Drumond on June 29, 2015 · 2 mins read

Movile has a new initiative called Movile Meetups. Every once in a while someone either from Movile or outside (for now, we had only two talks and both were from Movile employees) presents something and it’s open for the local community to participate, not only Movile employees. The talk usually lasts for forty minutes, then there’s a Q&A session and finally we go to the Recharging Area (our kitchen) to eat pizza, drink beer and soda and talk to each other.

The first meetup was about Apple Watch, presented by two people: Marcel Müller, an amazing designer, and Guilherme Sampaio, great iOS developer. That set the bar high for the next meetup, presented by yours truly, about Android Wear. I decided to follow the same format, the first half about design and the last half about programming. Wait, a programmer talking about design? Well, there are some design principles that everyone developing something user-facing needs to know and I could talk about that. Fortunately, Google licensed Android documentation as Creative Commons, so I could use the images (and credit them, of course) and I didn’t have to make my own artwork. See the presentation in the talks page.

I was really excited about the talk and I think I could show my excitement. I tend to consider my talks bad, but from the reaction of the public, it wasn’t so bad afterall, they laughed and they asked a LOT of questions (I love when people do that, someday I’ll try a Q&A only talk).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the demo to work, I was with my Linux box, and the emulator refused to work. I’ll prepare a video and share later this week (I expected to this today, but I didn’t finish it yet).

In the end, I enjoyed the event. It was well organized, I met new people, and showed some friends where I work (I’m proud to work at Movile). If you want to join and develop great apps in an awesome team, we’re hiring.

Disclaimer: this post, as all others in this blog, represent my own opinion and not of Movile.