Technically Speaking hangout on LAtINiTY conference

Posted by Douglas Drumond on May 19, 2015 · 2 mins read

TL;DR: Technically Speaking is hosting a webinar on LAtINiTY conference and you should watch. Signup here.

Do you know Technically Speaking? It’s a great newsletter with tips to improve your tech talks, inspirational videos and call for papers delivered direct to your inbox. This newsletter is provided by Chiu-Ki Chan (site, Google Plus and Twitter) and Cate Huston (site, Google Plus and Twitter).

For those who don’t know them, let me give a brief introdution:

Chiu-Ki was a software engineer at Google for 6+ years, later worked at two startups and now has her own mobile development company. Also, she’s a GDE (Google Developer Expert) on Android and if you’re interested in Android, check her talks, blog and courses. She’s also an organizer of GDG Boulder

Cate Huston was also on Google and Extreme Blue@IBM (a premier internship at IBM) and had published on Lifehacker and The Eloquent Woman. Check her about page to see all her achievements.

Back to the point, Technically Speaking hosts a monthly hangout on public speaking. This month, the hangout is with Natalie Gil from LAtINiTY Conference, Latin American Women in Technology. The hangout will occur on May 21 at 1pm PDT (8pm UTC). To participate in the hangout, register here.

LAtINiTY is a two day conference with focus on Latin America women passionated with technology, where they can listen to women leaders from Latin America and discuss gender issues in tech. It will occur on November 9–10 in Santiago, Chile and pre-registration is open.

Last, but not least, you can also follow Technically Speaking on Twitter.